Hans-Werner Gessmann - Humanistic Psychodrama (englisch)

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Hans-Werner Gessmann

Humanistic Psychodrama

New and further developments of psychodrama will be outlined, for example, that of "behaviordrama" and " tetrahedral psychodrama". In particular, humanistic psychotherapy will be described in terms of a reconsideration of Moreno's original thoughts. That which is essential to humanistic psychodrama will be referred to, the client accepts responsibility for her/his own life, the assumption that man has a natural need to grow and to self-realize, and that every psychic occurance is goal directed and meaningful. The view of everything as a unified whole. 

Hans-Werner Gessmann

Treatment of a Depressive Mood - Protocol and Commentary of a Group Psychotherapy Session

During a psychodrama-video seminar, 10 group participants meet some of whom had had no previous experience with psychodrama.

International Journal of Humanistic Psychodrama

Editorial departm. Monika Stettner-Dominik

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